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Registration for the SSAT

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SSAT Test Dates and Test Centers

The SSAT is offered on eight pre-selected dates throughout the academic year, once each in October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and June. These are known as "standard" test dates, and they always take place on Saturdays. Additionally, the SSAT is available through what is referred to as "flex" testing, which is defined as any SSAT administration given to an individual or group on any non-standard date. Standard testing is open at test centers in countries around the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, although availability is greatest in the United States, where there is the most demand. The best way to find SSAT test centers is through the SSAT website, which provides a searchable database of locations. Flex testing is typically administered by schools or approved organizations.

How to Register for the SSAT

Registration for SSAT standard and flex testing must be completed online via the SSAT website. In order to sign up for a specific test administration, a test-taker's parent or guardian must create an SSAT account. Registration opens in August for all standard test dates in that academic year (for example, the registration period for the current test year began last August 1). Regular registration for standard testing closes three weeks before the date of the test, although there are several options for late registration up to three days prior to the test. Students registering for flex tests will be given access codes by the involved organizations to complete the process.

SSAT Registration Fees

The regular SSAT registration fee is determined by test level and by testing location. Regular registration for domestic test administrations (those that are given in the United States, Canada, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) costs $80 for the Elementary Level SSAT and $132 for the Middle or Upper Level SSAT. International administrations (everywhere except the locations listed above) have regular registration fees of $157 (Elementary) and $257 (Middle or Upper). Late registration, which begins the day after regular registration ends and closes two weeks before the test, costs an extra $45. Rush registration, $85, is available from the day after late registration closes until three days before the test. For instance, a student wishing to sign up for a June 9 domestic Upper Level test may use regular registration from the previous August 1 through May 19 ($132), late registration from May 20 through May 26 ($177), or rush registration from May 27 through June 6 ($217).

Other SSAT Fees and Fee Waivers

Test-takers may purchase additional services associated with scoring and/or score reporting. These include mail ($25) or FedEx ($35 domestic or $65 international) delivery of score reports to the student, score alert by text or email ($15), rescoring ($25), and handscoring ($65). Fee waivers, which may only be used for regular registration, are available for reasons of economic hardship. Students seeking fee waivers should contact the admission office at the school to which they are applying.

SSAT Registration and Score Sending Policies

Test-takers may not have more than one SSAT account associated with their name, and they are not permitted to register for the SSAT on behalf of or in place of someone else. Providing false or misleading personal information at registration is also prohibited. Students may have SSAT score reports sent directly to as many organizations as they wish, provided that those receiving organizations are member schools or approved consultants of the Enrollment Management Association.

SSAT Registration for Disabled Students

Testing accommodations for disabled students are approved for the current testing year only. Any student requesting accommodations for the academic year should have their requests approved on or after August 1 of that academic year. Students will not be allowed to register for accommodated testing until their applications have been approved. The deadline to apply and submit supporting documentation is four weeks before the test date, and the registration deadline is two weeks before the test date. SSAT registration for disabled students is completed through the student's online SSAT account.